Orchestra Gold - II

by Orchestra Gold

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Its 1976 and you just stepped inside a smokey club in Bamako, Mali. The air is thick with the gritty analog sounds of funky folkloric music, psychedelic guitar swirling with jazzy horns and hypnotic bass. As the crowd shakes their bell bottoms to the infectious grooves, the singer commands the stage with her soulful vocals and dance moves that give James Brown a run for his money. This is the vibe that Oakland’s own Orchestra Gold creates in their live shows as well as on this latest EP “Orchestra Gold: Vol. II.” Recorded at Guerrilla Studios in East Oakland, Vol. II brings together the powerful vocals of Mariam Diakite with the arrangements and guitar playing of Erich Huffaker, along with an all-star cast comprised of some of the finest musicians from the Bay Area and Santa Cruz. With this latest batch of songs, Orchestra Gold honors the traditions of Malian music while evolving and pushing the music forward by adding their own unique stew of analog rock & psychedelia to the mix.


released November 1, 2019

Mariam Diakite: Vocals and Percussion
Erich Huffaker: Guitar and Arrangements
Luke Baće: Bass
Leila Elizabeth: Conga
Aaron Kierbel: Drum Set
Chris Hoog: Baritone Sax
Luis Andrade: Tenor Sax
David Pedroso Rivera: Kerenye, Percussion


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Orchestra Gold Oakland, California

Fronted by the charismatic Malian singer and dancer Mariam Diakité, Orchestra Gold (OG) plays an original stew of African – inspired rock and soul music. Drawing deeply on Mali’s musical history, OG blends analog, rhythmic dance music together with elements of psychedelic soul. With roots Malian drumming and the deep wisdom of Mariam’s vocals, OG moves audiences from the inside out. ... more


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Track Name: Maribayassa
Once there was a women

Who could not conceive

She got up

And went to see Maribayassa

So he could give her a child

After two months

She became pregnant, 

But she never danced for Maribayassa!

One day her son

Grabbed a hoe, and headed out to the fields

but on his way, Maribayassa fell upon him

He got sick

He got Malaria

His intestines started hurting

Pretty soon, he was on death’s door

And then, he passed

His mother got up

And went to see the fortune teller

“Oh fortune teller”, she said

“Tell me what happened to my son!”
The fortune teller says Maribayassa killed your son!
But the woman doesn't believe her

She goes to the magic men, fortune tellers, and sorcerers. 

Each one tells her the same. 

Finally, at her wits end, she is told again that Maribayassa took her son back because she didn’t dance.
This last, she realizes the mistake she has made
She realizes she should have danced
She learns her lesson

------Bambara Version---------

Musɔ kɛlɛn sɔrɔla
Dɛn ko gɛlɛyara o ma
Muso ka wele bɔ
Ka taa se yassa so ma
O Ka sɔn dɛn kɛlɛnna
Kalo kɛlɛn kalo fila
Musɔ ye Kono taa
A ma yassa don

Dondo tileganfɛ sa
Dɛn ke ye dabaa taa
A tara senekeforola
o na daba nin da
yassa binna a kan
sumaya l'en a
jo ka jolɛn na
a nugu y'en dimina sa
k'ale be dilan no
O baarake saya furɛ di
Musɔ ka wele bɔ
ka taa se kɔlɔndalaw ma
Kui kɔlɔnda musɔ kui
i bolo bila kɔlɔn-ni da

o no kɔlɔn-ni da
na ka kɔlɔn kan fɔ sa
Yassa y'i dɛn fa
Kɔlɔn ma tiŋɛ fɔ
Kɔlɔntigi ma tiŋɛ fɔ
Kɔlɔn da langɔlɔn ke
Kɔlɔntigi da langɔlɔn ke

Musɔ ka wele bɔ
ka taa se borontigi ma
o na boron-in da
namaka boron kan fɔ sa
i dafalen yassa la
i ma yassa don
yassa y'i dɛn fa
boron ye tiŋɛ fɔ
borontigi ye tiŋɛ fɔ
boron da langɔlɔn tɛ
borontigi da langɔlɔn tɛ
kui kui kui kui
kui kui kui kui kui
Track Name: Mady Gundo
Mady Gundo, you've come to grace us
Mady Gundo, there is no God but God and Mohammed is his prophet

I will go to the market in Bamako
I will buy cloth
I will make it clear white color, the color of fresh milk
I will give it to my Patron, Mady Gundo

Mady Gundo, you've come to grace us

He wears his clothes well

His walk is composed
He is generous to the griots

Mady Gundo, you've come to grace us
Track Name: Lefenin
Whatever money we find will go to buy one fan
With this fan we stoke the flames of inspiration for Mali's Youth
Malians, worry not
My hat's off to Mali's children and all of the citizens of Mali!

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